Kristen Stewart on how Karl Lagerfeld made her look ‘100 times cooler’

Kristen Stewart on how Karl Lagerfeld made her look ‘100 times cooler’

And what he said to her on the set of her Chanel campaign.

French Vanity Fair knew Kristen Stewart was worth breaking the rules for. As the cover star of its latest issue, the publication breached its self-inflicted ‘no interviews’ rule for an opportunity to sit down with the actress. While the large majority of the interview covers her new film, the Olivier Assayas-directed Clouds of Sils Maria co-starring Juliette Binoche, and touches on topics like personal assistants, the paparazzi and Robert Pattinson, three questions at the end really got our attention. They were, of course, about fashion.   

“My relationship with fashion is by default because as an actress you have to walk down these carpets,” she says. It was only after “a full on, revelatory Aha! moment” when she met Nicolas Ghesquière that she fully appreciated fashion’s “cool and artistic and fun” side. “Before that it was just annoying that I had to wear these heels,” says the Converse-inclined star. 

After fronting Balenciaga’s Florabotanica fragrance campaign, Stewart was announced as the face of Chanel’s Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection last year, forging a close relationship with the house’s leading man, Karl Lagerfeld.  

“He's awesome, man. When you say Karl Lagerfeld, you almost picture the silhouette before the actual man. You can see the shape in a drawing,” she says. “But what really shocked me is how prolific he is. His capacity is really obvious. He's like an enormous vault of information. It's crazy. He told me, ‘You know my girls are very excited about you.’ I thought that was really sweet.”

Even though Stewart oozes a distinct coolness of her own, she thinks Lagerfeld is the ultimate arbiter of cool. “He instantly made me look 100 times cooler in one breath. When he was photographing me he'd walk over and just say, ‘Put your legs down and just relax a little bit and hold the toothpick like this, do this, move your finger up a little.’ The way he could identify cool was something I had never seen before.”